Salisbury House

The house itself is a yellow trilevel located at the beginning of a quiet cul-de-sac. This gallery shows you the different rooms in the house. Dew, Charlie, and Dianne’s rooms are on the bottom level. Dominick, Kel, and Mike are on the top level, with the living room and kitchen making up the ground floor.

Pearson University

Pearson University has many buildings that span the large, picturesque campus. There are apartment buildings, Greek houses, and private dwellings located either on, or close to, campus. “The Commons” is a centrally located building that has a small movie theater, dining, and large event spaces.

The campus is designed to be walkable, but it would be a good workout. In several of the buildings located around campus are small cafes that offer a quick bite to eat for students and faculty. Three 24-hour libraries are available to study, use a computer, or catch a quick nap in the abundant seating.

Pearson (town)

Pearson is a small town built around the campus. There is another town, separated by a river, that is completely independent of Pearson. Since the college attracts many international students people enjoy a wide variety of dining establishments. Small shops specializing in comics, crafting, and books line the historic Pearson Hill shopping district.

The town has a beautifully maintained library, multiple galleries, and a robust social scene. Visitors can be treated to live music and an array of public sculptures throughout town.