Meet the Group

Charlene “Charlie” Olivera

Charlie Olivera is a 22-year-old art and psychology major at Pearson University. She’s nearly done with her undergraduate work, then it is onto her master’s and doctorate. When she’s done with school she wants to be employed as a therapist who specializes in art therapy.

Currently, Charlie is working as a custodian at Pearson University. In her free time she enjoys reading and painting.

Dew Harris

Dew Harris is fascinated by the science of forensics. As an 18-year-old first-year student they are avidly studying to become a forensic scientist.

Dew can often be found in the basement comic shop, Talon’s Lair, where they work. They spend much of their time reading books, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and conversing online with other amateur sleuths about cold case files.

Outside of the internet Dew is quiet and generally content to observe the world. However, once they are comfortable they have a sharp, biting tongue that they use to tease and defend their family and friends.

Dianne Jankowski

At 18 Dianne is studying environmental science. She loves all things nature and pink. After her studies, she wants to dedicate her life to helping the earth.

Dianne was homeschooled by her parents and enjoyed a uniquely hands-on approach to education. Though she is a bit naive she is fearless and wants to learn and experience as much as she can.

Dominick Ellis

Ellis is the only son of a single mother. He has three older sisters and one younger. Salisbury house is actually owned by his aunt, but she has a tendency to dote on her nieces and nephew. He and his siblings are allowed to stay there, rent-free, provided they are pursuing an education.

Ellis is very current on fashion and trends. He has an active social media presence and loves to style his friends and family. Once a week he and the rest of the house join in on a self-care day where they relax, do face masks, and unwind from the stress of college and work.

He is studying fashion and design and wants to have his own line of clothing someday.

Kel Davis

This shy young man is studying to become a writer. The 19-year-old is currently employed as a computer lab attendant for Pearson University and spends much of his free time writing. Kel places a high value on privacy and doesn’t pry into other peoples’ business. He appreciates it when people return the favor.

Mike Delane

This 20-year-old fitness enthusiast is studying to become a nutritionist and physical therapist. He often cooks healthy meals for the house and will gladly be a work out buddy.

Mike is an only child born to Indian-English immigrant parents but has lived his whole life in America. Now that he is in college his parents have returned to England to be closer to relatives. They still make occasional trips to visit him throughout the year and call him every week.

Other Characters

Kappa Omega Theta

Claudette Midland

Claudette is the house mother. She is a former KOT, and is very influential in choosing who is accepted.

Juliette Midland

Juliette is Claudette’s daughter and “#1 boss bitch” of KOT. She knew Charlie when they were in high school together.

Ashley Bradford

Ashley is a sister at KOT. Her mother and Claudette were in the sorority at the same time. She is a childhood friend of Dianne’s.

Darla Adams

Darla is a second-year student, with Juliette. She doesn’t take Juliette’s actions and attitude seriously and will easily look over her behavior.

Other Neighbors

Harvey Bishop

Harvey is the neighbor who lives across the street from Salisbury House. He hates college kids and finds them very “entitled” because he could afford a house and college when he was younger while working at a minimum wage job and doesn’t understand why they can’t, too. He won’t listen when you point out things like “inflation”, “cost of living increase”,  or “stagnant wages”.

His wife passed away many years ago, and he is estranged from his four children.