Gen Con 2023

Hello everyone!
This year, as many before, I went to Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN. This year we kept our schedule light, since it was my kid’s very first real Gen Con visit. They play tested games, shopped, did some events, shopped, ate some new foods, and shopped some more. It was such a nice experience! They felt so comfortable and happy.

We got them a little wolf tail and ears for them to wear because they really liked them, then some jerk in a car drove past and barked at them. He made them feel bad, and almost ruined what was a great experience for them. My friends and I assured them that they are wonderful how they are, and the person who barked was the one with the problem.

Seriously, though, who does that? Who sees a child wearing a tail and ears and decides to bark at them? It wasn’t a friendly thing, either. He was mocking them. A child having fun. Don’t harass children. I can’t believe that needs to be said.

Anyway! It’s been an eventful summer, and school has started back up again, so I’ll have a more consistent work schedule for voice acting and art.


Busy Summer!

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to post a little update about some fun we’ve had this summer.

We got season passes to our local amusement park and have been having a blast there when the weather allows. Sadly, we’ve only had time to camp one weekend so far, but we did have a lot of fun on a family vacation to visit relatives in Kansas.

Our trip started in St. Louis and the City Museum. If you’ve never been there, it is loads of fun. It’s a huge indoor/outdoor playground with lots of things to climb and explore. My husband and kid got to do more activities due to my ankles, but I still had fun. The museum has several gift shops inside, including one that I really liked! It had a machine that made woven shoelaces right there. The lady running the shop was incredibly nice and helped me pick out some pride themed shoelaces, patches and a pin for my kid.

Next, we took a tour of Starks Cavern. Our tour guide, Lee, was tremendously nice. He showed us so many neat things about the caverns and talked to us about how it’s been used by nature and humans for a long time.

Then, since we were so close by, we stopped by the Lake of the Ozarks for some hiking and swimming in the lake. The water was so nice! It was clean, a wonderful temperature, and it wasn’t particularly crowded. We didn’t get to swim for very long, but it was wonderful. On our hike, we met two very nice ladies who chatted with us about Purdue. The view from the highest point on the trail was lovely. We could see a huge portion of the lake, though the lake itself is very large in comparison. Lots of people were enjoying the wonderful weather on their boats and jet skis.

On our day in Kansas, we went to a family reunion for my mother-in-law. It was nice seeing so many family members. Our kid made some new friends with some cousins, and we drove around a tiny town with a population close to 400. My mother-in-law showed me a lot of places from her childhood. It was really neat! I know it might not be exciting to some people, but I had a lot of fun. I love driving around and looking at the scenery, and it’s a bonus when it comes with a backstory! We were going to drive over to the Rustle Stover chocolate factory and get some treats, but the store side of the factory closed during COVID, so we didn’t get to do that.

Our last day of vacation we went to the St. Louis arch and did a small riverboat cruise. It was my first time being on a boat! We had a little snack on it, and enjoyed the scenery. It was really cool being inside the arch. The windows at the top are tiny, but you can see so much of the city from up there.

Overall, it was a wonderful family vacation. We got to do and see many new things, chatted with so many cool people, and had a lot of fun. Missouri has plenty of great things to see and do if you like nature and the outdoors. Next time, maybe we’ll go camping!


Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it! Covid has things still quiet for us, but my family did manage to travel for a bit, to Gencon and Hawaii, and we went camping a lot, too.

The Hawaii trip was fun, and we tried our best to be courteous and kind to the locals. We made sure we were current on our covid shots, and followed proper precautions during the entire trip. It was so beautiful! We swam in the ocean every day, ate some wonderful local foods, and even visited the zoo! The views were spectacular! It’s no wonder Hawaii is such a sought after destination. There’s so much incredible culture to experience. I would absolutely love to go again. If you decide to go someday, do remember to be polite and respectful of the local people. They are kind and generous, but it’s important to not take advantage of that. When I travel to different places, I like to think of myself as a guest there. And I do my best to be a good guest.

We went camping more than usual, I think. It’s always so wonderful to be surrounded by nature. On one of the trips, we were surrounded by emerging cicadas! My husband and daughter had fun with the shells. She was so encouraging of them, and cheered for them. We kept the locations not too far from home, but I’ve heard good things about the parks in Utah and the surrounding states. I’ll have to visit sometime!

When we rang in the new year of 2021 I let my daughter cut my hair with the clippers! I thought it might be a fun and memorable way to start things off. I liked how it looked, but wanted to do something a little different. I’ve been keeping it in an undercut style since then.

Things with the comic and voice acting have been steadily moving along. I got the chance to work with some wonderful people! It’s always wonderful when you click with your fellow cast and crew.

Well, I’ll have to keep news on the acting front hush-hush for now, but I’m very excited for things to come!

Finally, I know things have been very tough for so many people for the past few years. So many have lost loved ones, had their lives changed forever, and have faced challenges unlike any they had before. I’m so proud of you. Things are hard, and for some, are getting harder. I know you can do this. Please keep going.

Thank you,

Ally Amador


Okay, so the site update is pretty much done. I’ll be adding more content as it becomes available, but all the new sections should be live. Thank you for your patience!

Also, I know that the individual page uploads for the Salisbury House comic stop on the December 2020 page, but they are still being uploaded on Tapas and Webtoon. You can still read them there!


Site Revamp Coming Soon

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while, but I wanted to update and tell you all that I am revamping the site! There will still be links to Salisbury House, but I’m going to make new sections featuring other artwork and voice-acting goodies! So check back soon for a new site.

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays. I know there are a lot of denominations that celebrate this time of year, and New Years is coming up too, so if you are celebrating anything have fun and be safe.

I know it’s common to overindulge but if you do don’t drive drunk! It isn’t worth it. The price you’ll pay if you get into an accident or get caught is going to be far higher than if you just got a cab.


Hello everybody! My name is Ally Amador and I am an actress, geek, mom, writer, and artist based out of Cincinnati. Most of my posts will be within those themes so I hope you enjoy.