Ally Amador has been acting professionally since 2012. Her live-action work spans multiple movies, commercials, short films, and industrial videos. In 2020 she decided to take the opportunity to pursue voice acting. She can be heard in several independent video games, podcasts, and animations.

Live-Action Credits

VHA Training Video (2014)Cheryl (lead)
Ohio Lottery (2014)Observer (support)
Flame of Hope (2014)Dr. Simkins (support)
Bull in a Bookshop (2014)Henchman (support)
Gerber (2014)Mother/Office Worker (support)
Wells and Mary: Investigating Love (2014)Natalie (support)
Fallout (From the Buried Tales Anthology) (2015)Woman (support)
False Awakening (2015)Dr. Julie Miller (support)
Kindred (2015)Stella (lead)
Difabilities (2015)Manuella (support)
Coming Clean (2015)Lia (lead)
WIN Group (2015)Announcer (lead)
Truth Till We Part (2015)Melissa (lead)
Angel (2015)Dr. Dimpna (support)
Thanks, Bill (2016)Julie (lead)
Penny (2016)Heather (featured extra)
But I’m an Actress (2016)Elle (support)
Self-Regulation (2016)Ms. Amador (lead)
Spirit Contemporary (2016)Sister (support)
Reaching Out (2016)MICU Nurse #1 (support)
BANA: Heart of Darkness (2017)Dale Campbell (support)
Uberzombiefrau (2018)German Secretary (support)
Respite Care (2019)Nurse (support)

Voice Credits

Lord Dinby Witherspoon: Duke of Space (2016, podcast)Sister Antonia
Slashers: The Power Battle (2016, videogame)Kanae
Let’s Get High with SmitHIcam (2016, mock infomercial)Voice
Non-Hollywood (2016, audiobook)Reader
Beautiful Bunkers (2019, short film)Linda
Answer It (2019, audiobook)Narrator
Chaotic Heart (2020, ongoing animation shorts)Various
Ritual Six (2021, podcast)Paige
DereDere (2021, ongoing animation shorts)Kuu
Starfall (2021, ongoing podcast)Centhy
Breathing Space, Final Frontier (S2) – Flicker of A Torch (2022)Lespie
Breathing Space, Final Frontier (S3) – A Smile and a Sword in Your Arms (2023)Judge Marinos
Delta-Vee DiningHülya Dimir


Art Installation by artist Ben Mepham (2008)Nun
Center for Family Safety & Healing (2014)Pearl Necklace
For Virgins (2015)Experienced Virgin


Purdue University (2009)BA Liberal Arts
J.W. Meyers (2016)Acting Classes
Cincinnati School of Music (2017)Singing Lessons


DialectsSouthern English (US), Midwest English (US), English (UK,RP)
LanguagesEnglish, Conversational Japanese
ArtDigital Illustration, Comics, Character Design, Storyboarding, Graphite, Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic, Oil Paint, Gouache, Figure Drawing
VoiceStudio Quality Home Recording, Alto-Mezzo

Home Studio Set Up: Audio-Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser XLR mic, PreSonus M7 XLR mic, Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 audio interface, Audacity (ver 2.4.2), Reaper, Zoom, Discord, and a treated space.


I can be reached via Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Email and Discord are reserved for serious inquiries. Thank you.