Hello everyone!
This year, as many before, I went to Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN. This year we kept our schedule light, since it was my kid’s very first real Gen Con visit. They play tested games, shopped, did some events, shopped, ate some new foods, and shopped some more. It was such a nice experience! They felt so comfortable and happy.

We got them a little wolf tail and ears for them to wear because they really liked them, then some jerk in a car drove past and barked at them. He made them feel bad, and almost ruined what was a great experience for them. My friends and I assured them that they are wonderful how they are, and the person who barked was the one with the problem.

Seriously, though, who does that? Who sees a child wearing a tail and ears and decides to bark at them? It wasn’t a friendly thing, either. He was mocking them. A child having fun. Don’t harass children. I can’t believe that needs to be said.

Anyway! It’s been an eventful summer, and school has started back up again, so I’ll have a more consistent work schedule for voice acting and art.