Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it! Covid has things still quiet for us, but my family did manage to travel for a bit, to Gencon and Hawaii, and we went camping a lot, too.

The Hawaii trip was fun, and we tried our best to be courteous and kind to the locals. We made sure we were current on our covid shots, and followed proper precautions during the entire trip. It was so beautiful! We swam in the ocean every day, ate some wonderful local foods, and even visited the zoo! The views were spectacular! It’s no wonder Hawaii is such a sought after destination. There’s so much incredible culture to experience. I would absolutely love to go again. If you decide to go someday, do remember to be polite and respectful of the local people. They are kind and generous, but it’s important to not take advantage of that. When I travel to different places, I like to think of myself as a guest there. And I do my best to be a good guest.

We went camping more than usual, I think. It’s always so wonderful to be surrounded by nature. On one of the trips, we were surrounded by emerging cicadas! My husband and daughter had fun with the shells. She was so encouraging of them, and cheered for them. We kept the locations not too far from home, but I’ve heard good things about the parks in Utah and the surrounding states. I’ll have to visit sometime!

When we rang in the new year of 2021 I let my daughter cut my hair with the clippers! I thought it might be a fun and memorable way to start things off. I liked how it looked, but wanted to do something a little different. I’ve been keeping it in an undercut style since then.

Things with the comic and voice acting have been steadily moving along. I got the chance to work with some wonderful people! It’s always wonderful when you click with your fellow cast and crew.

Well, I’ll have to keep news on the acting front hush-hush for now, but I’m very excited for things to come!

Finally, I know things have been very tough for so many people for the past few years. So many have lost loved ones, had their lives changed forever, and have faced challenges unlike any they had before. I’m so proud of you. Things are hard, and for some, are getting harder. I know you can do this. Please keep going.

Thank you,

Ally Amador