MonthJanuary 2019

New Places to Find Salisbury House

I’ve decided to host Salisbury House at two additional places. Starting today you can find my comic at Tapas and Line Webtoon! I will be updating there in clumps. Weekly updates will still be here. I did this so I don’t have to go through long downtime. If I do it in too many clumps there would be too much time between posts and I’d like to be consistent.

Housemates Page 7

New Sketch Pen

I have new sketch pen setting and decided to make more doodles of the Salisbury House Gang

Housemates page 6

Dianne is so freaking adorable, isn’t she? Since I am hand writing this please let me know if there are places you’re having trouble reading. 

Housemates page 5

Here we have Dianne and her friend Ashley having lunch. 

Housemates page 4

Charlie moves out. Next up we are being introduced to Dianne! Did you have fun for New Years? Any new resolutions?

Kel Sketch

I’m trying out some new settings for Paint Tool SAI 2. I like how this turned out! A quick sketch of Kel standing on top of a parking garage. I also played with the perspective tools to do the background.