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“Notice of Eviction: Due to the condition of the building all residents are hereby evicted. The building will be condemned and torn down in 3 days. Any violators will be arrested. Any possessions left behind will be destroyed. For further questions please contact the leasing office at 555-2497.”

That’s what the whole notice says. The notice was printed off by the leasing office and taped to every door. Her building is not in good condition. 

As a fun side note: While I was working at Purdue University (student job) I got to watch a frat house be demolished right across the street from my building. I took a video of it. I’m not sure, but I think the university may have taken over the land. There’s other stuff there now, but I don’t remember what. I’ve long since graduated and moved away. 

Also I skipped a week since the last season of Voltron premiered on the 14th and I wanted to devote more time to that.